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Intuitive thinking & acting

In my opinion, an Earthly and humane society can only be formed by people who want it in freedom, lovingly, aware of what it means to be human on this Earth. This requires insight into the way we think about ourselves and the Earth. That is why I experience it as my mission, together with others, to immerse myself in myself as a human being and how I relate to reality as a whole. I am also looking for tools to create social forms from insight into the essence of man and the Earth in which man can work as a human being at the deepest level.

Poignant contradiction between rich and poor

When I was 16, I became aware of the poignant contradiction between wealth and poverty in the world. That was during a trip through India with my parents, my father's business partners and their supporters. Based on that experience, I decided to study Irrigation Engineering in Wageningen. I wanted to know how this growing gap between rich and poor had arisen and what I could do about it.

It took some time before I understood that I wouldn't find answers at university. I got stuck during my studies, quite a story. I did finish my studies though.

Jac Hielema India

"People are only mean when they are threatened, and that is what our culture does. That is what our economy does. (...) And when you are threatened, you start thinking only of yourself. Then you turn money into a god. It's all part of this culture." - Morrie (Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie)

Developing yourself into a free personality grounded in yourself

By also studying Philosophy and Psychology , I hoped to gain insight into the theoretical foundations of Western scientific thought and action. By doing so I discovered that I did not agree with regular thinking. There is little or no room for the human being as a free personality grounded in himself..

I even see the cause of all kinds of social problems in Western materialistic thinking. While Eastern spiritual thinking does not offer immediate solutions either. What kind of thinking does?

My current lessons therefore largely consist of a thorough investigation of one's own thinking, observing, feeling, wanting, longing and acting, so that one learns to trust one's own thinking and observing and therefore no longer has to blindly believe in what others say. Even if they claim that their statements are scientifically founded or spiritually sound.

In my lessons you learn to judge beliefs, statements and images for yourself on sense and nonsense. That gives confidence. It also gives inner grounding and therefore calmness. Something I wish for everyone.

"We do not have a culture in which people are satisfied with themselves. And you have to be very strong to say: if the culture doesn't work, don't accept it". - Morrie (Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie)

Intuïtief denken en handelen

Lovingly thinking and observing

From an open and vivid way of thinking and observing, I have since immersed myself in money, the money system, social forms and man as the creator of society.

I was a maths teacher at a Free School, a Green teacher at an MBO, a company film-maker in my own company, a coach of young people who threatened to leave school, the author of many articles in various magazines, and a teacher of Philosophy in people's homes. And I am father of three children, life partner of Damaris and gift father of her children.

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"Every society has its own problems," Morrie said, raising his eyebrows, his best approach to shrugging shoulders. "I don't think running away is the right approach. You have to do your best to create your own culture." - Morrie (Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie)

Free traveling and creating teacher

Nowadays I call myself a free traveling and creating teacher and as myself I provide weekend seminars at home and abroad and together with Damaris Matthijsen as Economy Transformers trainings, courses and workshops.

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Intuitive thinking & acting

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