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Intuitive thinking & acting

Do you long for a humane society? Do you want to take life (and therefore living together) into your own hands? Do you wish to live (together) at all out of love for living (together)? Then take the online courses Intuitive Thinking & Acting. These are intended for everyone, regardless of origin, philosophy of life, gender, orientation or skin colour. Starting point and end goal are you as you think and act here and now. 

So what is it?

The online courses Intuitive thinking & acting are a training, which you first get to know in the way I give them to you, and then make them your own and do them in your own way. Through the training you will become aware of yourself as a loving creature (as far as you were not yet aware of this) as part of the general 'world event'. From there you take the further development of yourself and your life into your own hands. Out of love for the things you do. And out of love for yourself, your fellow human beings and the Earth. Intuitive thinking & acting is a way between Eastern spirituality and Western materialism. Everyone with (a bit of) good will can go this way.

What do you learn?

  • Awareness of your loving creative self in relation to the other,
  • confidence in one's own thinking and perception,
  • to trust your feelings,
  • you develop your free will,
  • dealing with fear, feelings of inferiority and doubt,
  • act out of love for the things you do (freedom),
  • living from the inside out,
  • live your own impulses,
  • making your contribution to a humane society.

What do the courses look like in practice?

The entire training consists of three online courses¹:

  • Intuitive Thinking
  • Intuitive Acting
  • New Society & Economy

Each course consists of ten two-hour online meetings in which exercises are presented and done, experiences with the exercises are exchanged, questions are asked and experiments are devised to find felt and lived answers. You will continue to do the exercises at home. Experiences can be exchanged in a private group on platform WeWorldwide². The online meetings are recorded and can only be viewed by the participants again and again up to one year after the start of the course.

¹ You can do the courses in this order. After each course you decide whether to continue. The first course alone is enough to take life and development into your own hands.

² WeWorldwide is a social platform, a home for heart intelligenceMembership of WeWorldwide for one year is included in the price of the course. More info WeWorldwide

Participation conditions

There is no need for prior knowledge in any field. However, there is a willingness to reflect on one's own thoughts and actions, a desire to contribute to a humane society and a desire to create a culture of love and trust together with others.

Dates of meetings

The first courses start on Wednesday January 13 2021. See further in the Agenda. If you register for the weekly free exercises, you will also be informed about the dates of the courses.


For all courses, pay what you can pay. The price may not be a reason not to do the course. In the first instance, everyone has a choice between:

  • € 200,- (students or people on benefit),
  • € 400,-- (people with a smaller budget) or
  • € 600,- (people with a larger budget).

If € 200,- is also not feasible for you, you can call or email me for consultation, see Contact. Again, the price should not be a reason not to participate. All prices include VAT. 

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions, you can always call or email me, see Contact. I advise you to sign up for the weekly free exercises, then you get to know me and my way of working and you can feel if a course is something for you. Moreover, you will be kept informed about the dates of the courses. 



Bald kommt hier eine Einfürung in Deutsch.


Soon comes here an introduction in English.


Intuitive thinking & acting

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